breath   Change your life with Breathwork….

Are you ready for a heartfelt experience that will help you to reduce stress and feel more peaceful and connected in your life?

  • Learn how to take a deep full deep breath!
  • Get PRESENT! Increase your energy & expand your awareness!
  • Learn to correct bad breathing patterns!
  • Have more energy to live your life!
  • Improve your sense of well-being and connectedness with others and yourself!
  • Learn the amazing art form of Conscious Connected Breathing!

Discover the cause of blocks in your life, possibly the result of long-forgotten negative feelings. Realize the ability to free those feelings, letting the blocks fall away, using the breath to change things at the cellular level. Experience the wonderful feelings of release and relaxation!

Transformation Breathwork incorporates a unique breathing technique to allow the body to transcend the present, to achieve a unique state of being, where a person can easily connect with their Higher Self for healing.

Performed in private setting, each session is unique. A typical session may take 1.5 to 2 hours. Through a focused discussion, a goal you would like to achieve is defined, which is then used as intent during the breathing portion of the session.

Privacy is always honored, and your facilitator has been highly trained to guide and assist you in this journey. Call for further information or to set up a session: