Ear Coning

earEar Coning (also known as Ear Candling) is an ancient non-invasive method of safely and effectively clearing the ears of excess wax and debris buildup. This holistic therapy is growing steadily in popularity.

Dating as far back as the early Egyptians, Ear Coning has been utilized by many cultures, sometimes combining the physical cleansing with spiritual healing ceremonies. Today it is becoming more commonly used in holistic centers to provide relief to those with the heavy impacted wax that is difficult to remove using normal cleansing methods.

A special tube is applied to the ear canal, and the end of the tube is lighted, creating a vacuum or draw, which pulls the wax out of the ear and into the tube. The original tubes were hollow swamp reeds, but now the hollow candles are made of a linen or unbleached cotton base, dipped in paraffin or in beeswax. While the person is lying on their side, a trained practitioner places the special cone in the ear. The gentle heat from the flame generates a slight vacuum, which draws the wax out of the ear and into the tube. Most people feel extremely relaxed during this process, and only a slight hissing sound may be heard as the wax is removed.

Ear Coning can be performed on people of all ages. It is not a replacement for proper healthcare, but can be an effective home remedy for those with recurrent ear blockages. . It is not a medical treatment and no claim is made to cure any disease or ailment. Often older people experience a loss of hearing due only to a wax buildup, which can easily be removed by this process. Before experiencing ear coning, it is essential that you consult your doctor if you think you may have, now or in the past, a hole or perforation of the ear drum, or any disease(s) of the ear.

A typical session takes about one hour using two ear candles per ear. After the session, your head may feel lighter. Sounds may seem louder to your ears. This can be relieved by keeping cotton in the ears for a few hours. You may find your hearing has improved due to the wax blockage being removed. A normal protective coating of wax will redevelop after 24 hours, and until then the ears should not be exposed to strong winds and water should not be allowed to enter them.

We have training classes available so you can learn how to safely and effectively give ear coning to loved ones or professionally. You will experience a session, then see how it is done, and then you will do an ear coning session as part of the training. A manual and certificate suitable for framing are provided.

Our services are available in our offices in Nashua, New Hampshire. For more information, to book a session, or to inquire about training sessions in the Nashua, NH area, contact Pamela Sayre at the phone number or the email address below. Credit cards accepted.