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Relationship problems

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What is your life purpose?

Past life regression or Past life therapy for some individuals is an interesting approach to view how their soul has developed over the ages. In looking at past life scenes we can see how our self has evolved, what talents are recurring as well as our life purpose and the challenges we are/will be facing in our soul’s development. We can also look at relationships as they affected us then and how they affect us now.¬†

Insight Into Self

A belief in past lives is not necessary since whatever scenes unfold in our unconscious mind leads or describes our current thoughts, beliefs and feelings. No one knows if past lives are real – they may be metaphors (stories with hidden meaning), which help to bring about positive change.

Whether in the course of finding ourselves or pursuing self improvement, past life regression experiences are an important insight into how we got here, and who we are now. Using past life regression, we can better understand and accept ourselves, bringing inner peace to our being.

Discover how Past Life Regression is a pathway to understanding the joys and sorrows of yesterday that relate to now and the future.


A typical Past Life Regression session takes about an hour and a half for the first visit. Most people find that additional sessions are necessary because the questions they want answered are often complicated. These follow-on sessions typically last 1 hour. 

The above description is for the experiential Past Life experience – your higher conscious mind decides where to take you, and you experience the sensations within yourself. A Past Life Reading is where a professional psychic reader shares your energy field for a few minutes and is usually able to relate to you information about your soul path, how you are progressing on your life purpose, and how you are dealing with life issues.