Spiritual Counseling

Are you lost? Do you feel like you are stumbling in the dark? Never going forward in your life? Just treading water or gradually sinking? Traveling in the wrong direction? Can’t understand why certain things happen in your life? Feel like there is something so much greater you should be doing with your life?

Here at The Pathway we provide spiritual counseling to help those who are searching for a direction in their life, or are having trouble coping with the stresses of everyday living. We provide a peaceful, non-threatening, supportive and quiet environment.

  • Independent of religion
  • Help in finding your spiritual pathway
  • Assistance in getting in touch with the Divine
  • Identify road blocks and barriers on the pathway
  • Develop and implement solutions to these barriers
  • Become at peace within yourself
  • Have a greater understanding of “The Big Picture”
  • How to not be distracted by life’s issues that may arise
  • Become at peace within yourself

Many people are not sure what their spiritual pathway is:

  • “Who and I and why am I here?”
  • “What is my purpose in life?”

We cannot tell you the answer to these questions, but we can help you find the answers in your life. Our process works to guide you and to empower you to be open to receive these answers.

Depending on the extent of the blockages or barricades and the progress you have already made along your pathway of spiritual development, this Spiritual Counseling may involve only a slight course direction (within a single session) or may require a number of sessions spread out over a period of time. There will be recommended reading and ‘homework’ in most cases.